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Our Philosophy

Equippers Kids Early Learning Centre provides a Christian faith based early childhood educational programme. We believe that every child should be allowed access to quality education that provides interaction and learning experiences between other children, teaches, parents and their community.

Our programme aims to encourage and foster all the layers of a child and their development: physically, emotionally, cognitively, socially and spiritually (their well-being and selfesteem), and there is strong emphasis on supporting children’s current needs – this is underpinned by Te Whariki, the New Zealand ECE Curriculum and our commitment to honour the nation’s commitment to the Treaty of Waitangi.


Recognition of Each Individual Child

We recognise each child as unique, having the potential to contribute and develop in their own special way. The voice of the child will be heard at all levels and we will be respectful and cognisant of their families’ aspirations. 

We endeavour to facilitate each child’s development as they discover their place in the world, placing an emphasis on participation and achievement. No-one will be left out.


A Balance of Education, Play & Care

Children love to discover through fun, play and interaction. We nurture the children to love learning through stimulating and fun experiences.

We view play as a fundamental part of a child’s development. In this aspect, part of our philosophy is based on Friedrich Fröbel, the inventor of Kindergarten in 1940. Fröbel advocated the importance of free play in childhood, and designed activities and equipment to be given to a child as part of their self directed activity.

Our programme aims to provide a children’s garden – a social experience for children in their transition from home to school where they will be taken care of and nourished like precious plants in a garden.

Early education is one of the most important and formative times in a child’s life. From birth to age 5 children are exposed to a lot of new information and situations. Since these years form an important aspect of a child’s personality and impression of the world, our early learning education service asserts that both care and education should be a part of a young child’s experience. Incorporating educational and social learning situations into a child’s life at this stage means reaching them at a time when their minds are open to learning, which prepares them for life, productivity and school.